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Via Tazio Nuvolari snc - 82100  Benevento

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Bioplastic Made in Italy
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IMB Monouso SpA, a company with over 25 years of experience in the production of disposable items, in 2020 launched a new division dedicated to the formulation of biodegradable and compostable compounds, marketed under the IMBio brand.

One year later, this division can boast modern compounding technologies and a production capacity of over 25 thousand tons per year, with one of the most complete product portfolios, able to cover all application sectors: from blown film extrusion. to thermoforming and injection molding.

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For the production of bags and shopping bags, IMB has formulated the compounds Biofilm 4025C and Biofilm 2020LC , both appreciated on the market for their ease of processing and high mechanical characteristics.
Among the extrusion materials there are also transparent bioplastics optimized for single-layer extrusion lines, such as Biofilm 3005LR , Biofilm 3055LR and Biofilm 3085 LR, suitable for flexible packaging, flow-pack films and vacuum packaging.
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For thermoforming and injection molding applications that require high thermal resistance, IMB offers the types IMBio 70A and IMBio 72M , with thermal deflection temperature (HDT) above 95 ° C, which can be transformed without having to change the molds.

All compounds proposed by IMB are certified for industrial compostability by the international certification body TÜV Austria and are already commercially available.